Use it or lose it!

Help you and your business age well.

I’d like to compare lifting weights to managing a company into the one blog so excuse the frequent use of brackets. This blogs speaks about lifting weights while also symbolising acting in your company’s and staff’s interests. This is important because I need to show the importance of both sides. I think it makes the importance of both clearer as well. Now there’s a lot still to cover(It’s a huge area) but I will address these in separate blogs individually. Let me know what you think in the comments sections below. Again please share on your current social platforms.

Use it or lose it!

Why lift weights (use you workforces potential/strengths)?


It prevents aging (loss of effectiveness in your market space), one marker of aging is a loss of motor control and strength (keeping your company’s departments synched to the same end goal, i.e. moving forward and staying current to your customers and staff. To do this properly you need to use a plan with predetermined peaks in performance targeted at specific times of the year. Lifting programs (company objectives) need to be reviewed regularly to check progress.

Muscles(staff) are stimulated into action by nerves(your ability to give and take direction) that send and receive signals from the brain(you) in response to the environment(market place trends).Muscles like staff can only function with maximum efficiency if all signals(feedback) are processed correctly by the brain(you). If you don’t use your muscles the parts of the brain that control will also get smaller which will have a knock on effect on your thinking because many areas of the brain share some functions (You become more fixed minded).Another important point is that a muscles force generation capacity is limited if the skeleton and its joints (corporate structure) are out of alignment by even a small amount. In this case the brain(you/management) will send inhibitory signals(mixed responses/ conflicting requests) to the muscles(staff) to prevent injury(profit losses/reputation damage), and adapt a secondary joint position(just going through the motions, micro-managing) which increases wear and tear on the joint surfaces(decreases the effectiveness of company departments and culture, ultimately losing good staff and company effectiveness) So you need to facilitate you’re your staff capacity to achieve through a strong and aligned corporate structure centre around employee wellness.


No one wants this to happen but if you don’t take notice of your body’s health (company’s health) and acknowledge that you need to lifts weights (use your full potential, there’s no 2 ways about it) you are guaranteeing a quick and unpleasant aging process(losses of coordination between departments with high staff turnover and an less staff productivity. Please don’t think of your past achievements as an excuse to not try now. Being a superstar last year doesn’t make you one now. You have to keep the effort going regarding your company’s and your staff’s health (focus on yourself as well ). On that note muscles can only adapt if proper recovery is given both physically and mentally (Allow you and your staff time to breath). Soft tissue work is great for relaxing muscles and realigning torn muscle fibres to help get the next workout done. In the same way mindfulness/mediation classes will help staff relax and think about what they really want from their working life, thus realigning everyone with company goals. I can discuss applying a targeted corporate wellness program which goes well beyond fitness classes by looking at current and potential issues from multiple angles to those serious about making a real change to their company’s wellness is pursued

An important word to know regarding muscle function is ‘motor unit’ which is a motor neuron (nerve cell) and the skeletal muscle fibres innervated by that motor neuron. This vital part can be seen as you and your senior management’s awareness to staff health and interventions taken to maintain/improve it because it is the point of communication between both brain and muscle. This includes making sure everyone in your company understands your intentions and that you are aware of the current environment your employees work in and obstacles faced to health. Groups of motor units (company departments) often work together to coordinate the contractions of a single muscle; all of the motor units within a muscle are considered a motor pool( all senior management must be on the same page regarding employing wellness for anything to really happen). In large motor units 1 neuron (department) may control a large amount of fibres (staff) for powerful movements such as seen in the gastrocnemius involved in walking (moving forwards with wellness program). Small motor units are found in areas where finer movements are needed such as in the figures where each neuron control a small amount of fibres meaning more independent signalling(internal audit/individual heads of departments). As muscles become unused and neglected , the motor units begin to disappear(less communication to staff), this means less neurons(managers) are available to help the muscle which has a 2 fold effect, the fibres are deactivated(staff lack direct and question their usefulness) and less control is available to the fibres that are still activated(ineffective management). The body is great at taking the easy way out if you let it, By that I mean if you let it your body(company as a whole) will only preserve the minimal amount of muscle and function for you to survive based on your current habits(your company will fail to make any headway). There’s a lot of sub-tiers activity wise regarding muscle mass generation and preservation(maintaining corporate function) , every little helps, some people might think walking instead of talking the lift(being told staff morale is high and accepting it instead really looking into it) doesn’t make that much of a difference but it does. If you can gradually overload your muscles (challenge and stimulate your staff) expect to see huge returns.


love-your-jobStarting an exercise program is a gradual process you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete (not all areas need to be perfect right away in your company as long as improvements in company wellness are pursued daily and updated regularly)

So I hope this makes sense and look out for my next article on sugar intake

All the best



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